Attorney Yossi Meshulam
Attorney Yossi Meshulam

Why should you turn to Adv. Yossi Meshulam for advice and representation in lawsuits due to building defects, for optimal legal treatment and for obtaining maximum monetary compensation and repair of construction defects.

The process of handling construction defects is a complex procedure that requires professional care and close supervision.

Our recommendation is that your building defects claim will be handled by a skilled professional lawyer with legal expertise and engineering knowledge that gives him an engineering understanding of the building defects in your apartment and the preferred legal and engineering way to handle them.

The lawyer and engineer Yossi Meshulam is one of the leading lawyers in Israel for handling construction defects and moisture damage. Over the past 20 years he has gained considerable reputation in representing clients with professionalism and daily experience, appearing in court, working with engineers, appraisers and experts, And a proven record of success in claims against contractors due to building defects in apartments and common property, in claims against other tenants in the building due to damages originating in their apartments and against representative of condominiums due to damages originating in the joint property.

Each client is personally treated by a lawyer and engineer Yossi Meshulam, while ensuring a professional and comprehensive response, each case being customized to the customer, thus achieving the best results for the client.

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Sale Law (Apartments) – Repair of construction defects in a new dwelling

The Sale (Apartments) Law states that in a new apartment whose construction has been completed and handed over to the buyer, the contractor is responsible for repairing the building defects.

Upon discovering the building defects in the new apartment you purchased, it is recommended to seek legal and engineering advice.

Adv. Yossi Meshulam works with experts in the field of construction defects and assists the client in obtaining an expert and expert opinion regarding the nature of construction defects, the causes of them and the cost of repair.

According to the buyer law the apartment is required to cooperate with the builder and give him an adequate opportunity to repair the building defects.

Our office represents the purchaser of the apartment from the sending of the first letter of reference to the contractor to whom the expert's opinion is attached and requires the contractor to repair the building defects.

When the contractor cooperates and tries to repair the building defects, it is recommended that the repair be done in accordance with the expert's instructions, in a manner that will prevent future recurrence of construction defects.

However, when the contractor refuses to cooperate, our firm handles the filing of a claim for construction defects to the court. A claim for construction defects may include relief of a mandatory order, repair of construction defects or receipt of maximum monetary compensation for faults in the apartment.

Attorney and engineer Yossi Meshulam will manage your claim against the contractor professionally and with great skill, in order to bring as soon as possible results to receive maximum monetary compensation and repair the construction defects and will accompany you until the best result for you.

Yossi Meshulam, a lawyer and engineer, provides services to clients from all over the country and abroad.

The firm provides services to customers in Hebrew, English, French.

Non-binding consultation

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