Representation by a lawyer with expertise in real estate, who is willing to represent you in a real estate transaction for a fixed and fair fee

Advocate Yossi Meshulam

Advocate Yossi Meshulam, a real estate lawyer, with more than 22 years of experience

Buying or selling an apartment or house, buying a new apartment from a contractor, you are probably making the largest and most significant transaction you will make in your life. You need professional help and legal advice from the best at a fair price

Your real estate – our professional experience

The purchase of real estate is a complex procedure that requires professional treatment by a skilled and experienced lawyer with expertise in real estate, with extensive experience and proven track record in buying or selling of real estate who will protect your interests and represent you with professionalism, loyalty and fair cost

Buying of real estate
A buyer of real estate wishes to ensure that the contract with the seller will be fair and that his rights as a buyer will be maintained, that there will be a match between what was promised to him by the seller to the contract he signs, that the purchased real estate will be delivered to him in good condition, that there are no building irregularities or hidden defects, that the purchased real estate is not foreclosed, mortgaged, that the rights belong to the seller, that there are no legal or other restrictions that may prevent the execution of the transaction, that the payment amounts and payment dates will be in accordance with its possibilities, that the seller will meet his obligations and the real estate will be delivered to him as agreed in a timely manner and that at the end of the road, the rights to the real estate purchased will be registered in his name

Selling of real estate
The seller of real estate wishes to ensure that the buyer will meet his obligations and pay the cost of real estate at the agreed amounts and times. That there are no legal or other restrictions that may prevent the execution of the transaction, that the payment amounts and payment dates for the real estate will be according to his needs and that after the buyer fulfills his obligations, the rights to the real estate shall be registered in the buyer's name

Lawyer's fees recommended in buying and selling of real estate in Israel

Common lawyer's Fees for buying or selling real estae in Israel ranges from 0.5% to 1.5% of the real estate price. Today, in 2020, when the price of an average apartment in the center district of Israel is close to 2 million NIS and in Tel Aviv to 3 million NIS, lawyer's fees, which are a percentage of the real estate price, have become high
In 2015, contractor's lawyer's fees were limited to 5,000 NIS or 0.5% of the apartment price plus VAT, whichever is lower, but lawyer's fees representing a purchaser of real estate were not limited

The cost of real estate attorney fees can be affected by many factors that determine the complexity of the transaction, its nature and duration of treatment required such as: buying or selling a single and tax-exempt residential apartment or buying or selling another apartment with liability for purchase tax or praise, gift transaction between relatives or transferring an apartment in connection with a divorce or due to inheritance

The handling of real estate purchase transaction is complicated and needs to be done by a lawyer with professional expertise in real estate, many years of experience and proven track record. Therefore, you need an Advocate who represents you alone and will protect your interests properly

Our recommendations

We recommend that a transaction for the purchase or sale of real estate will be accompanied by a skilled lawyer who regularly deals with real estate and that will represent you for a fair and fixed fee and not for a fee derived from the price of the real estate

Advocate Yossi Meshulam successfully represents buyers and sellers of real estate and provides his clients with professional legal services of a high standard, combined with personal treatment on a daily basis in dealing with real estate transactions

Our principles and values

Advocate Yossi Meshulam is determined to secure the client's rights and achieve his goals. We will treat you with great professionalism and great skill and accompany you personally all the way in order to achieve the best results for you

Advocate Yossi Meshulam gives each client personal and empathic attention. Each client's interest receives the most attention while ensuring a professional and comprehensive response. Each transaction is built with customization to the customer, thus achieving the best results for the customer

We keep in touch with our customers via phone, email, zoom and WhatsApp in order to streamline the treatment and update the customers on the progress of the transaction

The firm provide services to clients all over Israel and abroad

The firm provides services to customers in Hebrew, English, French

Non-binding consultation

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